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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Story Starter

Sarah’s alarm went off early that morning, 6:00am. She stretched one hand out from under the covers shivering as the cold air rushed into her previously snuggly warm blankets. She slammed her hand down on the alarm clock to stop the incessant, if not completely depressing, beeping sound and pulled her arm back under the covers. It was near the end of fall when the air gets crisp and cold overnight but warms just enough by mid morning to be comfortable in a sweater. But being that it was so early, her room was filled with the sweet cold air that comes just before winter and Sarah revealed in it.

She lay in her bed blinking her sleepy eyes and trying to get her mind around the day ahead. It was early yes, but she was eagerly awaiting her day and could scarcely contain the excitement she felt. “Lord,” she prayed barely out loud, “I give you this day and all it has in it, may it go as You have designed. Amen.”

After just a few seconds of enjoying the peace and chilled stillness she popped out of bed and quickly ran across the room to the adjoining bathroom that waited with space heater and a hot shower. She showered quickly, dressed for the day and was out of the house just before seven with a bagel between her teeth and two thermoses of hot coffee.

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