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Monday, October 4, 2010

Prince Charming and Other Wedding Horror Stories

Disclaimer on this story: the tone of annoyance is mostly falsified.

I once watched a movie titled, “Wedding Daze,” it was a hilarious account of three sisters who all ended up getting married on the same day. While none of my sisters are currently getting married, I feel like I am stuck in just that, a wedding daze.

If you did not catch it, this is a play off of wedding “day” with an added element of insanity, and that is where I am.

I have six friends, close friends, who will be getting engaged/married in the next year, and really, the number may go up before the year is out.

I’m stuck in the middle of wedding plans (which happens to be one of my passions in life, even if I have yet to experience it for myself) and “when will he propose” worries and I am so happy to be a part of the love that all my friends are currently experiencing but seriously…this is getting ridiculous!

The majority of my conversations over the last seven days have consisted of wedding colors and if they want dresses with buttons or ties down the back. But the weird thing is, I’m right there with them. I know my color scheme and every time they are looking at dresses on davidsbridal.com I am picking out my favorites. I even found a picture of my dream wedding-vale and saved it to the desktop of my computer! (Did I mention I am single thus this has no relevance to my life?)

This cannot be healthy.

Why is it then, that as little girls we grow up dreaming of our wedding? I mean, we plan Barbie’s wedding at age six which, by age twelve, has translated to exactly what we want for ourselves in ten years – because God forbid we not be walking down the aisle by twenty-two.

No wonder men freak out. Us girls have their entire lives planned out in “blush and bashful” colors and minute details before we even meet them. It makes perfect sense that they would avoid us all together. There is no way they can live up to this dream/romance novel idea that we have in our heads. Not just anyone can be Ken and Prince Charming all at once.

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